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Lake Maidens

also known as Ladies of the lake, they are fae that have taken a body of water (typically a lake or pond) as their home. They are fairies of illusion and great beauty.

They are known for their fondness of mortals, and even becoming their brides and to have their children.

"…he was astonished to see a lady standing in the clear smooth water, some distance from the land.

She was the most beautiful creature that he had ever set eyes upon, and she was combing her long hair with a golden comb, the unruffled surface of the lake serving her as a mirror,” (Source) 

Some say they are guardians of the lake, and seek to keep its well being. 

One of the most famous Lake Maidens is The Lady of the Lake, the ruler of Avalon within the Arthurian Legends. She gave King Arthur Excalibur, chanted Merlin, and raised Sir Lancelot as a child.

They are quiet folk that enjoy the peace of nature. Strange and beautiful figures that act with an inhuman curiosity and wonder. They hold great knowledge and wisdom within magic, and they will on occasion assist with the business of mortals. 

Lake Maidens typically appear as beautiful young maidens (usually female in appearance, but on occasion are more masculine). They will have long flowing hair that looks like waves on water and will usually either dress in loose fitting robes or even completely nude. 

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"Enchanted Forest"

Artist: Asako Eguchi

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